We offer the construction & repair of marine piers and associated structures. Additionally, we have extensive experience with loading/unloading mechanical, piping and structural systems employed with marine terminals and process plants.

Services & Capabilities


Taylor Marine Construction, Inc. specializes in the core elements of marine construction, with a focus on marine terminal facility construction and maintenance.

  • Marine and Heavy Civil Construction
  • Marine terminals
  • Bulkheads Piers
  • Submerged pipeline installation
  • Mooring structure installation
  • Industrial plant construction and maintenance
  • Cofferdam design and installation

Mechanical Dredging

Mechanical Dredging

Taylor Marine Construction is experienced in mechanical dredging.

  • If required, TMC uses the GPS-guided Clamvision™ system for very precise control of both the vertical and horizontal position of the bucket, for use in situations requiring precise profiles or in the vicinity of pipelines.
  • We have the capability to handle large buckets (7 cubic yards).

Pile Driving

Pile Driving

At Taylor Marine Construction, Inc., we make safe, efficient, and cost-effect pile driving our top goal.

  • Sheet Pile
  • Steel Pipe Pile
  • Large Steel Pile (Monopile)
  • Concrete Pre-Stressed Pile
  • Spun Cast Cylinder Pile
  • Timber Pile
  • Silent pile pushing

Heavy Civil

Heavy Civil

At Taylor Marine Construction, Inc., we pride ourselves on our power to deliver successful, turnkey projects on time and on budget by providing close management, clear and early communication, with detailed project tracking.

  • Concrete forming and pouring, both over land and water
  • Both land and marine pile-supported structure installation
  • Bridge and bridge fender system construction

Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication

From tanker dock hose-handling cranes to industrial stairs to conveyor components, we design, fabricate, and erect steel structures.

  • Steel structure design & repair
  • Steel fabrication
  • ABS and AWS-qualified welders
  • Steel erection



Taylor Marine is experienced in barge, crane barge, and sectional barge operations.

  • Sectional barges for use in material transport, for company projects, and available for rent.
  • Experience in jack-up barge operations.
  • Varied and customizable crane barge services offered for all project types.
  • Our headquarters property is one of the best, safest and most-convenient barge-loading facilities in the Houston area.



Taylor Marine Construction, Inc. thrives on special challenges and projects that require innovative solutions.

  • Ship Repair
  • Jack-up barge pile driving
  • Cofferdams
  • Submerged pipeline installation
  • Powerline installation over water


Taylor Marine Construction, Inc. maintains a fleet of marine equipment including several crane barges, pile hammers, earth moving equipment and push boats enabling us to handle a wide variety of marine construction projects.

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Crawler Cranes

2018 Liebherr LR-1250 275-ton Crawler Crane, Refinery Ready

235-ton Manitowoc 4100W SII Crawler Crane

100-ton Manitowoc 3900 Crawler Crane

65-ton Manitowoc 2900 Crawler Crane

35-ton Bucyrus-Erie Crawler Crane

Push Boats

36’ 600HP Twin Screw Push Boat

26’ 500HP Twin Screw Push Boat

1000 HP Twin Screw Push Boat (Re-build in progress)


2016 60’ x 140’ x 7’ Crane Barge, ½” Shell Plate on Sides, Bottom, and Deck, two longitudinal bulkheads under crane tracks, and multiple athwartships bulkheads – designed for crane loads

16 each 10’ x 41’ x 5’ Shugart Sectional Barges with spuds and cleats

Pile Driving Hammers

APE D32 Diesel Hammer with 120‘ of leads

Vulcan Nr. 1 with 60’ of leads